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At our sushi bar in Amsterdam West, we have elevated the sushi game to an art form. Picture the freshest ingredients, masterfully shaped by experienced hands, culminating in bite-sized pieces of heaven. Each morsel carries the legacy of traditional sushi-making while adding a twist of modern flair. Simply put, we are on a mission to make your sushi dreams come true.

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Gerecht Mister Chen

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When you think of authentic Asian food in Amsterdam, let your taste buds guide you to our doorstep. Our Japanese restaurant and sushi bar in Amsterdam West offers more than just food—it is a culinary sanctuary where flavors meet passion. Our takeout service ensures you get to savor this authenticity even on your busiest days. And speaking of savoring, have you tried our tuna maki? Rolled to perfection, it is the epitome of what sushi should taste like. Craving a medley of Asian delights? Look no further; our sushi and wok delivery ensures you get the best, anytime. From the traditional to the contemporary, every dish speaks of our commitment to flavor and authenticity.

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Whether you are planning a cozy dinner date or just satiating your midnight sushi cravings, we have got two words for you: book a table at our sushi bar in Amsterdam West. Taste the symphony of flavors, textures, and aromas that can only be found at Mister Chen. Or if you are in the mood to kick back at home, online ordering ensures your sushi favorites are just a click away. Dive in, enjoy, and repeat!