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Discover the rich tastes of our delicious noodle soup in Amsterdam East! At Mister Chen, you can take the time to relax in a casual and homely atmosphere while you are served delicious bowls of noodle soup made with only the freshest ingredients. Are you a vegetarian? We offer vegetarian noodle soup and various other dishes as well in our restaurant in Amsterdam East.

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Taste our freshly made noodle soup in Amsterdam East

Noodle soup and Asian food in general is all about the perfect balance of ingredients. That is why, in our Japanese restaurant, you enjoy freshly made noodles in a delicious savory broth. On our menu, you find pork, chicken, and veggie ramen, so there surely is an option that suits your tastes. Combine your piping-hot noodle soup with one of our home-made dim sum as this side dish perfectly complements the rich flavors of our soup. To complete your meal, choose one of our drinks as well and enjoy various cold and refreshing beverages.

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Are you craving noodle soup, and do you want to eat this in our Japanese-Chinese restaurant? Make sure to place a reservation first or order your favorite soup for takeout. Do you have any questions about our meals or our restaurant? Please contact us by calling 020 663 77 71 for more information.

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