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Is Japanese food your favorite and are you looking for a casual restaurant in Amsterdam East to enjoy traditional dishes? At Mister Chen, you are always welcome to take your time and relax while we serve you the freshest and most delicious plates. Whether you are hungry for a big meal or a range of smaller snacks, we will happily serve you your favorite food in our Japanese restaurant!

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Taste your favorite Japanese dishes in our homely restaurant in Amsterdam East

When you stop by at our Japanese restaurant, you can count on us to serve you only the freshest dishes. These homemade meals and Asian food allow you to explore a broad range of flavors that are unique to the Japanese and Chinese cuisines. Try our delicious noodle soup, for example. For these soups, you have multiple options such as pork, chicken, or veggie ramen, as well as thick udon noodles to enjoy. Do you want to enjoy some freshly prepared Japanese food with fish in our restaurant instead? Our range of sushi and sashimi will surely suit your tastes. Are you looking for vegetarian options? There are multiple vegetarian dishes mentioned on our menu!

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Our homely and casual Japanese and Chinese restaurant combines delicious, traditional Japanese food with the bustling and modern atmosphere of Amsterdam East. Relax with friends and family and catch up on each other’s stories while enjoying our Japanese food or small snacks such as our range of dim sum dishes. We are proud to incorporate elements of both the Japanese Izakayas and the yam cha’s from Hong Kong into both the atmosphere and dishes of our Japanese restaurant.

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Are you curious about our selection of homemade Japanese food and do you want to enjoy this in our restaurant? Ensure yourself of a table and make your reservation today as our restaurants tends to be a busy place. If you are short on time, our takeout service offers you the solution! If you want to know more about our Japanese restaurant, or if you have any questions regarding your reservation or our menu, feel free to contact us by calling 020 663 77 71.

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