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From Hong Kong To Tokyo

Mister Chen X Cha House is a Japanese-Chinese eatery on Linnaeusstraat in Amsterdam. We are a combination of the many ‘yam cha’ restaurants in Hong Kong and the Izakayas of Tokyo. This unique feature of Mister Chen – Cha House in Amsterdam we have enclosed in the simple phrase ‘from Hong Kong to Tokyo’. In effect, this is a pleasant marriage: sometimes you want sushi or ramen then (again) dim sum or Sichuan beef and the other way around. Here, at Mister Chen X Cha House, you can do it. Without forgetting that we make our own ramen noodles every day fresh just to get the right bite in our ramen noodles.
In Hong Kong people often drink tea with dim sum, the name that the Cantonese have given to dim sum is ‘yam cha’ and literally means to drink tea, but actually it is much more than that, namely an opportunity to spend time with friends and family to spend while enjoying tasty snacks. That is where the origin of the name Cha House lies.

Mister Chen himself comes from China and his wife also comes from a large family with a lot of fun. Always while enjoying a snack and drink. That is the atmosphere and ease that we are happy to convey to our guests. The same cosiness can also be found in Japanese Izakayas, namely an accessible café where many workers come after work.

At Mister Chen – Cha House we serve various snacks, from uramaki sushi: the beautiful inside-out rolls with ingredients such as yellowfin tuna, crispy shrimps, green tea mayo to all kinds of fresh dim sum snacks such as fried shrimp dumplings, meat and veggie gyozas and steamed pasties. The dishes are very suitable to share or to put together a meal with all kinds of snacks. We also serve three different Japanese ramen soups, with different toppings. We prepare all dishes ‘from scratch’ and no flavor enhancers such as MSG are used.We look forward to seeing you, to convey the casual and homely Chinese-Japanese atmosphere with of course a snack and drink!

See you soon, Cheng Chen

PHONE: 020 663 77 71

Elke woensdag zijn we gesloten - closed every wednesday-